Adding support for WordPress in nginx
Setting up nginx to work with WordPress cpu
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Greetings to you dear visitor. If you are reading this article, you most likely have a problem with displaying the ccp of WordPress links when using the nginx web server. I also had the same problem when I decided to translate one of my WordPress sites to this web server.

When I turned on his support, I noticed that I have only the muzzle of the site, that is, the main page and everything, the rest of the pages gave an error.

Why is this happening? Yes, everything is simple, nginx does not support .htaccess rules that you used earlier when the site worked on the Apache web server.

What is nginx?

Why is it necessary to translate your sites to work with this web server, if in a nutshell the nginx server is designed for the work of complex high-loaded web projects, that is, the site speed increases several times when it is used, of course, if it is properly configured.

NGINX is software that is designed to work on UNIX systems. Its main task is an independent HTTP server for complex and heavy web projects. NGINX is also used as a mail SMTP / IMAP / POP3 server, and a reverse TCP proxy.

Web server nginx is very popular in the world of IT technologies, it is used by large companies and not only they, ordinary users can also successfully work with it and experience all the delights of working with it.

This web server can be used as a separate server or in conjunction with the Apache server, where it acts as a caching server that takes over the entire load, rendering the statics from its cache, processes all user requests and forwards it further to the Apache server.

Well, in a nutshell, we described what nginx is, but the essence of the article is actually in the other, how to get wordpress to work correctly with cnc references. If you use the web server control panel like ispManager or CPanel, then you can of course configure various templates so that all the settings will be registered at once, but this is another story, today I'll show you how to quickly add support for the WordPress site to a particular site.

The first thing I want to note is that this article assumes that you have your dedicated server (VPS) and with the ispManager installed, on a regular host you will hardly be able to make such settings, since you need to edit the nginx configuration, which is accessible only to the server administrator.

And so go to the server under root rights, and go to the www domain section, and click the config (pre-enable nginx support for this site). In the config we need to edit the nginx configuration file:

We find:

and replace the whole of this construction with:

After we save, and preferably restart the web server, after we check the operation of the site. Now the site will work successfully with cnc references.

That's basically all, you can certainly argue a lot and talk about the settings of nginx, its advantages and disadvantages, but in this case, our task was to specifically make the site work on WordPress with the server nginx.

Try everything together, we have succeeded and you will succeed :)

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    Great post! This solution helped me on ispmanager control panel. I’ve searched and searched for this. Thanks!

    •   12.12.2019 at 16:38

      I am very glad that this article was useful to you ….


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