Online shop for rent !!!

You can take online store for rent with its further purchase.

Rent online store - the fast and reliable way to run a store in the network under the terms of the monthly payment. You do not need to understand in many specific aspects of Internet technologies - rent ready-made solutions and knowledge from professionals!

Renting in our store, you will get their hands a powerful tool to create and maintain your own online store and at the same time, do not run the risk of high costs. With it you can quickly, without programming skills, and at the same time very "competent" to run an online store, with the possibility of using your own domain name.

If you want to increase retail sales, but do not want or you can not spend money on development of its online store, then the best solution is to rent online store from

You are given the opportunity to choose their own unique design of the services we are ready , sites, as well as you can always buy back in the future rented store and get full access to all files and data, and will not pay the monthly rent and the full control of their own online store.

Running an online store and the ability to trade is possible in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort:

When choosing the design of the page finished projects your store site will be launched during the 1- 2 days

When ordering online rental store, you almost immediately get completely ready for the start of active sales shop.
Professionally aimed at higher sales and design is very clear and flexible system for managing your new-found site.
Also, each such site-shop includes complete and thorough customized modules and easy SEO management. It is necessary for the highest possible and comfortable store sales.

Rent online store provides a month of free layout of your site on a dedicated server. With the current need, our programmers will equip your store additional functionality and special services .

Rent our professional online store - one of the most needed items for trade on the Internet, and allows you to open your own business with attachments, which is practically equal to zero.

Store Opportunities - options and features:

The main functionality that is included in the rented shop

Connecting your domain
Rent with option to buy
choice of design to your taste
Product categories
Shopping bag
Adding products / services
Hosting 3000 MB
News and blogs
Customer Reviews
Check in 1 click
Discounts total order
Promo Codes
Email Newsletter
Information Pages
product status
Personal buyer office
Features and specifications
Import / export of goods
Uploading to Yandex.Market
Feedback form
online payment systems
Filters selection of goods
Order tracking
Related Products
Adding moderators
Old-new price
Rating goods
Sitemap (sitemap.xml)
Optimized for PS
to work with the Education store
Hour Tech. support
Registration in Yandex and Google
connect metrics on the site
The history of customer orders
Displays Banners and slide
Shares and Discount Management
User Management
Editor of products / categories
Import Eksport products
Order Management
Mass price update
Management information pages
Filtration products
Parser goods from other sites
SEO manager for PS
The personal user account
Product Search Catalog
Exports in Vkontakte
shipping and payment modules


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