And so today I would like to talk about installing Vds Server On Centos , I wrote a small note possible someone emphasizes something useful for themselves. This theme is a note to himself. On the Internet, anything sensible not found. After successful installation CentOs go over SSH to a server and execute the following […]

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It was a ISPManager Lite, license ended. The server is already set up, so make sense to buy an extension no. But there is a problem with ISPManager fell off awstats. Stopped by the cron work, does not want to update the statistics, even manually. How to completely remove playful ISPManager handles configs? Maybe he […]

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Installation / Upgrade php 5.3.x on Centos 5. Simply superb! Downloaded:

If php version changes, just do: search for “epel-release” on:

and search for “remi-release” on:

remi install repository:

And he php:

It is also possible to deliver additional modules as follows:


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In some cases it is necessary for any of the old scripts downgrade PHP 5.3.3 to version 5.2.17. For the installation optimally use the repository Atomic. Installation was carried out on freshly delivered server, the following is a course of action. Connect the Atomic repository

And take a license to install the script (press […]

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Setting ionCube PHP Loader is very simple in Linux. It is enough to download the file from the developer’s site, unzip the file and register in the php.ini full path to the file. Now in more detail. Step 1. Download the archive to 64-bit OS:

or 32-bit OS

Step 2. Unpack the archive […]

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The following updates do not affect Plesk Panel First, add repository:

By default, the repository is installed PHP 5.3 must be deleted This version of the update, open configuration repository

In this section of the [atomic] insert an exception

Updating PHP to version 5.2.17

You also need to update the mcrypt […]

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Your server uses a popular set of software in the form of Control Panel ISPManager, Apache Web Server and nginx as the www-accelerator? Please note that the nginx does not give headlines Expires. If the PHP-generated documents is not always essential, it is desirable to give the static data with a similar title, allowing browsers […]

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