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So you have created your site, how do you get the first visitors to it? Every day on the network a lot of new sites, online stores, blogs, forums, portals, etc. And the search engines do not always know about the new site, respectively, and sometimes do not cope with the indexation of new projects, how to tell search engines about your new website project? That's right - First we need to let them know about it more simply add the site to search engines.

Typically, search engines will learn about emerging new sites by following links from other sites and projects, but if your site is not a single reference anywhere then most likely the site and will not appear in the search results. As search engines are finding new sites? Each search engine has its own robots that walk and on the links and sites, and if they find what that new content is added to it in his turn on indexing.

Each major search engine has a special form created specifically for webmasters, by which they add their own sites, in the same place and manage them.

Below I will show a list of the most popular search engines, which have their own form of adding Web sites as well as their control panel, links will be added directly to the form of adding the site.


And so the first on our list is search engine Yandex - the most popular search engine in runet. It was under her all webmasters erode their sites, constantly monitoring the indicator of TIC, and of course a dream to get into DMOZ. Link to add a site to the Yandex here.


Next on our list acts as the Google search engine search engine .This also is the number one among webmasters. but it already works, not only in Russia but all over the world, in Russia, of course it is in second place after Yandex but the significance of this is not reduced, but rather the contrary. To add a site in Google need go to the link here.


Next we will have a search engine of, until recently it belonged to a little known GoGo search engine. And from 2012 the portal has passed on your search. Add your site, you can Cabinet webmaster here


Another young search engine in RuNet Nigma, well characterized by its originality, its user base is pupils and students. Why only pupils and students? And all because of that - it is a project of one of the Moscow State University (probably most people just are his students add a site in Nigma you can here.


Microsoft has also created its own Bing search engine system, and it is very well known all over the world, but it is not very popular. So far, the search engine it is not very picky and indexes everything that comes in his way. But let him out of sight should not be add your site here.


And another young searcher Satellite - available only for Russia, the owner of the portal Rostelecom, which has sponsored its development. Submit your site to the search satellite systems here.


That data search engines I recommend first to add your site, as they are the main, and from them, and you will receive the most traffic users pi proper setting and approach.

Submit your site to search engines very easy, just use the above proposed list. I note that this is not the whole list, but I have tried to highlight the most common search engines.

I would be very glad if you had this article useful.

I wish you a successful promotion and more customers and visitors to your site.

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