Downgrade Php 5.3 Prior to Version 5.2 Centos 6.2
How to roll back an update PHP to a lower version
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In some cases it is necessary for any of the old scripts downgrade PHP 5.3.3 to version 5.2.17.
For the installation optimally use the repository Atomic.
Installation was carried out on freshly delivered server, the following is a course of action.

Connect the Atomic repository

And take a license to install the script (press enter)
Next, disable connected in the standard repositories system containing the ability to install packages the PHP files
Use the editor and edit file /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo amending (adding exclude=php*) specified in Section

Then save the file (:wq) and remove the packages installed PHP 5.3.3 using the command in the shel

After you have removed PHP (also deleted dependencies phpmyadmin and squirrelmail) will be required setting the correct version and accompanying expansion team

Ensure that all required extensions installed and no errors

Then install PhpMyAdmin back and squirrelmail

Return the configuration files into place

After that, you should disable the ability to automatically install the PHP extensions of atomic repository to avoid unplanned change PHP versions when installing any software - edit the file /etc/yum.repos.d/atomic.repo as well as the edited files to other repositories.

And in the end you must restart the Apache Web server team

That's basically it!

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