Frequently asked Questions

Below you can find the most popular questions from our customers!

The cost of developing the site for each client individually and depends on many factors. According to this preliminary cost we can indicate to you only after reference to the job and a detailed discussion with you all the details! It will be much easier to understand the cost, if you know how much work is supposed to perform, leave us a request or call us and we will agree on all the details and let you know the time and cost of the site.
In the process of creating the site we immediately carry out inside work on its optimization, taking into account all the requirements of search systems. And also set up additional functions and modules for self-management of SEO. All the tools for further progress are already presented in the admin panel of your project!
You needn’t be a specialist in site-building and you needn’t be a programmer, all you need is get acquainted with admin panel of the site Site management is so simple that anyone can cope. Certainly do not forget that after the creation and delivery of your project, A detailed training is held with you concerning all the items on the site.
Yes, of course you can use our services to fill the site with quality content , price will also depend on the amount of material required. Our experts will be happy to fill your site with the selling unique content that will be of interest to the customer.
We are not students or one-day company, we create only quality and selling sites and you shouldn’t hope that we will make a site for 500 rubles as promised someone. I think that you understand that nobody will work for nothing. If someone promises you to make a website for a very low cost then be prepared for the fact that your site won’t be in demand, and the more you will not be able to get any technical support on the site and it is probably the most important thing for businessman-beginner.
When ordering creation of a site, payment is made upon the work performed and the complete transfer of your website (except major projects worth more than $ 1,000 negotiated individually).
When buying a ready project in the section "ready sites" payment is made in advance, and after you pass the site. You can make payment by any convenient method to the details listed on our website, if you have not found a suitable method of payment, please contact us and we are with you will solve this problem!
Of course you will have the opportunity not only to control the process of creating of the site, but also to make their adjustments at all stages of development, which will necessarily be taken into account by us.
During developing the site, we immediately give you access to it, that’s why you won’t get the cat in a bag, and the result will meet your requirements and expectations.
Typically, the average time of creating the site takes 7-14 days, but there are occasions when a little more or less time is required, it all depends on the complexity of the project. Site creation time is always agreed and indicated to you before start of working.
We always help our customers to work with the site, and if you later want to expand the functionality to modify some supplement, or you want to change everything radically, you can always turn to us and we will be happy to discuss and perform the requested task, if the required task isn’t difficult it is free of charge, if the work is difficult the price is negotiated individually. And also for all our customers we provide free consultations for the whole period of our cooperation.
Yes, we are always ready to take responsibility for the complete management and maintenance of your site. The cost is negotiated individually with each customer.
We can get acquainted with your site, and make adjustments or changes to it, but first and foremost for us is a priority for our constant customers, and if we have not enough time for them, or we will see that the site is not worth the time spent on it, we can refuse you and not involve in work for its change, in any case, in order to know for sure, contact us and we will consult you!