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Bulletin board TVOY-DOMIK #001

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Functional
Ads created on the engine Joker Board
Easy and intuitive appearance
Simple and easy to use control panel
Ability to connect corporate email
Bulletin board is installed on your domain.
Mobile version of the site is not.
Help registration site in search engines.
Brief store features:
Add creatives
Adding Article
Moderation ads
user's personal account
Publication of the registration and without.
ad VIP
Highlighted ads
RSS Feed
Widgets to third-party sites.
Custom notes
CNC for indexing by search engines
categories of unlimited nesting
Regular and advanced search
Targeting ads.
as well as other functional
To view the full functionality email us and we will give you a demo access to the admin panel.

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Ready planting site TERRA #002

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Functional
This site is built on the WordPress platform
Simple and user-friendly appearance
Full support for mobile devices
Ability to connect corporate email
Help to add the site to search engines
Convenient multifunctional control panel
Support and advice 24 hours a day
Internal SEO optimization
Many other features
Brief store features:
Fully editable template
color editor, background, blocks
Manage Categories
SEO Manager
User reviews
Question answer
Download Files
Comments to the post
Display the sliders
Convenient Content Editor
Contact form
Display and add widgets
Content Search
Display the last publication
RSS Feed
users Editor
Many other features
To view the full functionality email us and we will give you a demo access to the admin panel.

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