Correcting bread crumbs in opencart
Make the last item of bread crumbs inactive in the opencart
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We continue the series of articles on the theme seo promotion of the online store, and today we'll talk about something how to fix bread crumbs in opencart, namely how to make the last element in bread crumbs not active.

As you already know, I think most of the templates and the default template in the online store opencart, displays the breadcrumb links above the content and all of them have the following appearance: "Home/ category /subcategory /product name" where all four elements are a reference, which is not good.

The recommendations of the search engines say that each page should not refer to itself. In this case, just the last point and is a page that refers to itself.

Once when writing the article "We remove the link from the logo on the main page of opencart" I already wrote that I think about this linking links to themselves, for this I will not repeat about this, everyone decides for himself, but I know for sure that it will not be worse .

And so back to our issue of bread crumbs online store opencart, that is, we will make the last link in the bread crumbs is not active but the usual non-clickable text. As in most cases, there are no difficulties here, the main thing is your patience and your desire, you will need to change only one piece of code, but in all the files of your template.

And so let's analyze the bread crumbs on the example of the goods card, everything else: categories, manufacturers, search, stocks, etc ... do by analogy. We need as I already wrote to change just one piece of code in the template, namely open the file /catalog/view/theme/default/template/product/product.tpl and in it we find the output of bread crumbs:

And change this whole design to the following code:

That's all, now in the card of the goods in your bread crumbs, the last value will be the usual text. All the same you need to do for all other template files.

You can, of course, put all this into a vqmod file, where you write once and then always use it, but for me this option is not acceptable for several reasons, for example, all created online stores we have different looks, different templates are used, and this option should always be edited and changed, and the second most important reason is that, that I do not like vqmod and try to use it at a minimum.

How do I do to speed up the process of changing the breadcrumbs code in the opencart template? After all, there are a lot of template files, and to manually change them all, you need to spend some kind of anonymous amount of time? - I'm just doing a massive replacement using the capabilities of the server itself using the php text replacement script.

Well, or you can still use a very useful program Text Replacer, with which you can in a matter of seconds make a replacement for some text in hundreds of files. Well, that's all we needed to do with bread crumbs opencart.
I would be glad if the article is useful to someone, try it! Good luck to you!

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