How to Update On Centos 5.5 5.7
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I recently did a yum list updates and realized that CentOS 5.5 is no longer supported ... Well, it means we will be updated

Updating will be in 2 stages to 5.5 to 5.6 and 5.6 to 5.7.
First make a backup of our vps (at me it looks like lvm-snapshot). Then change to the

figures in url с 5.5 on 5.6.
To see what will change in the system and to assess what can we do to break:
yum list updates
I just came to 156 updates. To download and install the update should be performed:
yum update
Reboot on the new kernel:
After reboot (if that is successful and everything took off) to admire:

Upgrading from 5.6 on 5.7 It is similar, this time coming 131 update

Later I Updated on CentOS 6.0

UPD: If you stood postfix with support for mysql (from centos +) is necessary after upgrading to 5.7 turn it in

in the sections base and updates. For this we need to add sections to the exclude = postfix. And then include it in the centosplus, appending includepkgs = postfix. Then make a backup config files, make yum remove postfix && yum install postfix configs and return to the place. Do not forget - include postfix

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