How to display the SKU, UPC, ID card in opencart
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As you may have guessed from the title, today we will talk about these fields such as SKU, UPC, ID. Sometimes our clients need on product page display any additional fields that are in the admin area editor of goods but not in the window of the store, and now I'll show you how to easily and quickly bring the above-mentioned fields. To display them, we all just need to tweak the two files is the controller product.php and the file product.tpl is your theme.

1. So open the file catalog/controller/product/product.php and after a line of code:

Add the following line of code:

2. Then open the file catalog/view/theme/Your theme/template/product/product.tpl and add in the required place the following code:

For example, the default template you can insert the following lines just after the presence of a code:

That's the simple method we vyel SKU, UPC, ID card in our product.

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3 Response Comments

  •   01.08.2017 at 22:02

    Thank you so much, It was so helpful …

  •   24.03.2018 at 12:05


    Do you know what changes should be done in new OC 3 product.twig ? so this SKU work


    • Василий
        24.03.2018 at 13:09

      In this version of opencart, I did not check the work yet.
      But about the appearance should be this:
      File catalog/controller/product/product.php

      To find:

      Below add:



      You also need to add language variables.
      This method was not tested, it’s just a theory, so try it.


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