How correctly to write Seo texts?
How to write SEO texts for a site
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Today we would like to talk about such a pressing issue that users often ask us how to write unique texts for the site. I am often asked what is the uniqueness of the text and how should it be a percentage of its uniqueness, how to write SEO texts?

The answer is simple: - If you want your site to be in the top 3 of Yandex search engines and Google , your text should be as unique as possible, that is 100% uniqueness.

What can be considered a unique text?

There is such a regularity that said when, what a scientist, that two different people in different parts of the world can not write a contract in the same order and declination completely the same 10 words.

Therefore, if the search engine sees that in your text 10 words, for example, copied from another site, then most likely your site will be downgraded to search results, and the chance of getting to the top will also be much lower.

How to check the uniqueness of the text written for your site?

Do I need to check for uniqueness of the text? - Of course, you have to do it, and not just put this task to your copywriter. Be sure to take 1-2 minutes of your time to determine whether the written seo text corresponds to all the parameters that we need.

And so, how to check the uniqueness of the written text?

You can check the seo text in several ways, using search engines or using specially created for this services to verify the uniqueness, today they are fortunately very much.

Also, everyone should clearly understand that there are millions of created different websites, on the Internet, and the pages are just billions that is an incredible amount, and any service for checking seo texts should store all these texts and sites in your database, you will agree that this is simply not realistic and for this I still recommend doing an initial check through the search engines themselves.

How do I check the seo text through a search engine?

It's very simple, we take the written text, copy some parts from it, and enter them into the search query, after watching whether the search engine finds something similar.

If the search engine finds something similar, then it will tell you about it and you will see this text underlined bold, if you go to this site, you will be able to make sure that really part of the text was copied from this site.

If your text does not find the text then it means that it is unique, and you go further, take a few sentences from your text and do its checking, so you can achieve a really high-quality 100% unique text.

After such a test, you can of course use one of the services for checking seo text, but you will be pleasantly or not very surprised when you see that in all these services the data will be different, in some it can be 100% uniqueness in the other 70% uniqueness and so on ...

Copywriters always use a single service to check the uniqueness of the text and more often to those that show a greater number of uniqueness in their text and style of writing.

Services for testing uniqueness are such as:

These are only five basic services that we use, and we can recommend you, in fact, there are a lot of such services, but each differs, which is better, which is worse, that is, which service to use is for you only.

If you know what trusted services you think are better than the above, be sure to write about them to us in the comments, we will be only grateful and not just us.

That's all in all and everything you need to know about writing a unique seo text for the site. Good luck in our not easy business.

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