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Our online service is a simple and very convenient register converter, the ideal solution for people who often work with large volumes of texts. With the help of our service you can easily and quickly get the text written in CAPITAL, lower case letters or In Which Every Word Begins With the Capital Letter.

Every person who often writes and edits large volumes of text is likely to encounter such a problem as an incorrectly written case of letters.

This is a standard and common situation - for example, you copied from a file or an online resource a text that was originally written in large letters, and in order to insert it into a document, you need to convert all the text into small letters, or vice versa make all the letters in upper case, in this case you and our online service change the case of letters.

What options for text conversion does our service support?

Convert lowercase letters to uppercase, and uppercase to lowercase is very simple and easy, you just need to insert the desired text into the left window and press the button which you want to receive the result.

Features and options of converter registers.

  • UPPERCASE - Convert text to capital letters
  • lower case - Converts all text to small letters
  • Proposal format - The first letters of each sentence are uppercase, the rest of the text in small letters.
  • Every Word From the Capital Letter - Each word begins with a capital letter.
  • cHeCkInG ThE ReGiStRaTiOn - The big and small letters alternate in order.
  • prEviOUs nApis - The big and small letters alternate randomly.

Thus, using our online service, you can convert any amount of text into the desired version of the register in a matter of seconds.
In general, use your health!

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