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Everyone who has at least once set up contextual advertising knows very well how much precious time is spent to select and create the right list of keywords for an advertising campaign, but the success of any campaign depends on how well everything is set up.

So, we decided to at least somehow make this routine easier for you and decided to create a service for working with Google AdWords or Yandex Direct match types, which will help you to quickly and easily put down the necessary matches for the list of all keywords.

Our wonderful converter of keyword matching types is primarily useful for all advertising agencies, as well as for ordinary people who set up contextual advertising for themselves.

After all, with the help of our online tool for working with keyword match types, you can convert a large list of keywords into the desired match type in a matter of seconds and immediately implement it in your advertising campaign.

Accordingly, due to the proper configuration of match types, you can control the display of your ads for certain requests, filtering out all the garbage and thereby save a huge amount of your money.

Indeed, by default, all keywords added to the advertising company are assigned a broad correspondence, which means that without adjusting your ads will be shown to everyone who in the request will have similar phrases, synonyms, typos, etc. ... In general, briefly In this approach, you will get a huge number of uninterested transitions, on which you will simply drain your budget.

Based on the foregoing, and in order to get more conversions, and not just clicks, the budget of the company should be saved, the types of correspondence for keywords should be set up correctly by everyone who runs the advertising company, and our online service for working with match types will help you with this.

What are keyword match types?

In short - the type of keyword matching is like a rule for robots that tell them who to show your ads to and who not. There are several basic types of keyword matching, namely:

Broad match - This type of match is intended for the widest possible coverage: advertisements will be shown for all possible search queries related to the keyword: for phrases with errors, in different word forms, with different word order. This type is useful when you need to attract the maximum amount of traffic , or you work with a very narrow subject.

Broad match modifier (+keyword) - Using the modifier, you can control what words will be in search queries. Moreover, words can be in different word forms and with errors, and their order does not matter. You need to choose a broad match and add a “+” sign to each word

Phrase match ("keyword") - To fix the word order in a phrase, you need to enclose it in quotation marks. Therefore, other words will only be added to the beginning or end of the phrase. Word forms can also be different.

Exact match ([keyword]) - f you enclose the keyword phrase in square brackets, then avoid showing on search queries containing other words. When using this type of matching, the coverage is significantly narrowed, but it becomes possible to get the minimum number of irrelevant requests.
Please note that even when using exact match, word form changes are allowed.

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