Contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google AdWord

The ability to be in the first places Google and Yandex in 4-5 days!

It was at this point someone is looking for what you are selling or offering, and it is ready your potential client who just thinks someone to give your money for what he needs!

We can and are ready to make about your offer to learn as many people as possible, and to let them know about it sooner than other companies, as well as make sure that they have addressed to you!

We work only for interested audience members for a particular city, region, at exactly a certain time of day. Analyze all your requests and needs of the customer and beat right on target.

Advertisement Yandex Direct and Google AdWord ad is that your customer sees or search page, or on sites that he visits, and works instantly - then when you need to.

What is contextual advertising? - It is the advertisements that users see in search results, on the interest it demands, as well as on the pages of popular sites-partners.

The greatest advantage of contextual advertising - the ability to get potential customers to your product or service immediately on the day after the launch of the advertising campaign.

Contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google AdWord on segodneshny day is one of the most effective tools to sell your products or services.

Where ads appear Yandex Direct and Google AdWord?

1. In the search results Yandex and Google

  • Special placement – 3 positions that are above the search results.
  • Guaranteed screenings – up to 4 items at the search results or to the right of them.
  • Dynamic displays – under the SERPs on the 2nd and subsequent pages.
  • The “all ads” advertising search results block.

2. In Yandex services (Maps, Yandex Market, News, Mail, etc.)

3. On-network Yandex (thousands of partner sites,, avito, olx, et al.).

PS: Positions above basic instructions for Yandex to Google's position is a little different but basically all the same. Examples of accommodation Yandex Direct and Google AdWord you can see in the photo on the right, just click on it!


In contextual advertising a huge number of advantages, some of which we describe below.

Only necessary and target audience

Your ads will see exactly those users who are actually interested in your products or services.

The broad scope of users

It allows you to connect and promote a large number of keywords, thereby increasing the number of clicks.

Quick Start campaign

Contextual advertising begins to work almost immediately, as opposed to search engine promotion.

Manage Ads

Full control of your ads and the possibility of rapid changes to its contents.

Only the dates of your regions

The ability to advertise in regions and cities in which you are interested, as well as in the desired time.

Suitable for any company

Contextual advertising allows you to reach the right users for virtually any field of activity.

Pay per click

You do not need to pay for ad impressions, you only pay for the actual transition of users to the site.

Budget planning

It is possible to predict the cost of advertising, with the possibility of budget constraints in the day.

Would you like to know the cost of your project?

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What is included in the service?

Powerful results are given only a comprehensive approach to solving the problem.

Audit and recommendation site
Quick additional links
Refinements - short text
Virtual card company
Testing rates
Compilation selling text
Optimiziratsiya costs
Selection of an effective strategy
Analysis of competitors
Each key 1 advert
Selection of key phrases
Selection of negative words
Setting retargeting
Connecting Yandex Metrics
Setting goals
Adding UTM-label
Free support 14 days
Some ads by region
Group the key phrases
Connecting and Configuring YAN

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