Our online stores are able to sell !!!

We create only high quality online stores.

You want to make a truly unique, modern and profitable online store website that is easy to use and pleasant to your customers? Then you've come to the address, we are ready to offer you the most convenient and comfortable environment as well as to create a quality website that will work for you!

We have created online stores are willing to take orders around the clock without breaks and days off at a convenient time for your client. You will receive orders even while you sleep. Your customers will be able to visit the website with the provision of goods, place your order and pay it immediately without leaving home.

After the development of an online store as well as its test you do not need to fear and to think about how to use it, because at the end of the work we are going through with each client training on management and site settings, and in the future, you can always count on us for the support.

When developing an online store we will immediately do an internal optimization for search engines, as well as install various add-ons to manage all seo settings. So we immediately add your site in search engines Yandex and google, and set the metric system!

You do not pay us a 100% advance payment and pay for the parts of the pre- and after the part and putting your finished product. Our goal is to create quality, and selling online store, which will meet all your expectations and modern technologies.

Why our stores sell so well?

Only the best quality for a reasonable price.

Sophisticated structure

Sophisticated structure and design of the shop, which contribute to a potential customer to buy.

Responsive design

The design of the store that allows you to conveniently view your site with any device with a phone and a PC.

Seo optimization

Fully optimized code online store for quality Seo promotion in search engines Yandex, google, and others.

Easy management

Simple and easy admin control panel, and at the same time with great features and functionality.

Personal Area

Personal account each client, for easy viewing of the history and status of all your orders.

Statistics and Analysis

Easy monitoring of users of your online store, connect statistical system Yandex and google.

E-mail Marketing

Powerful e-mail mailing list to notify your customers about new promotions, discounts, new arrivals.

System of discounts

Discount system that allows you to increase the sales of goods, by encouraging your customers.

Searching and Filtering

Easy filtering and search the catalog. Your customers can easily find items of interest on the site.

Quick order

Your customers will be able to execute the order as through the basket and leaving a request in the form of a quick order.

Shipping and payment

Install the latest payment and shipping modules for ease of registration and payment orders.

Import Export product

The ability to download and update database products using csv file sharing, xml, yml, xls, and other formats.

Short functional store!

As part of the standard set of online shopping?

Product catalog
Shopping Cart
Adding products
News and blogs
Customer Reviews
Question answer
Check in 1 click
Discounts for members
Promo Codes
Information Email Newsletter
Information pages
Sms informing
Product status
Personal Area
Product Specifications
Import Export product
Unloading of Yandex.Market
Exports of goods VKontakte
Feedback form
Online Payment Systems
Searching and Filtering products
Order tracking
Related products
Adding managers
Set the old-new rates
Product ratings
Sitemap (sitemap.xml)
Adding a site to the substation
Connecting metrics
History of orders
Displaying banners and slideshow
Promotions, discounts and bonuses
Control customers
Content Editor
Order Management
SEO manager
Payment Shipping modules
Multicurrency site

And this is only part of the functionality that we have been able to describe here, but in fact a huge store functionality, well, plus we are always ready to create and install exactly the functionality that you need!

Ready to order an online store?

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