What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page - is not just a website, but a tool for your sales!

It is a single-site, which contains general information about the company and its services.

The main advantage of sites Landing Page - simple and convenient structure of financial savings for its development and maintenance.

Perfect for small businesses that are engaged in small and medium-sized businesses, with the help of this site you will be able to significantly improve the performance and extend the boundaries of your business.

The landing page Landing Page - allows you to show your customers the unique selling proposition (USP), the description of the company, certificates, customer reviews, contacts, etc ...

And just as quickly and easily make a booking or to sell a product with only one page. Landing Page is created as a primary or secondary site for the company.


The most powerful sales tool, which is 24 hours a day will give you new customers.
Ready and modern Landing Page Site created as soon as possible.
Unique and responsive design that will look good on any device.
Easy and clear administrator control panel through which you easily will manage the site.
Free content on your site any information given by you!
Submit your site to popular search engines, as well as establish a system of intelligence.
Quality technical support for your site, we work 24 hours a day.
Free domain name in COM zone, COM.UA, RU, Russian, and others, with the name of your company.
Help in choosing a hosting and registration for your Landing Page, or give your hosting.

Short functional Landing Page!

When ordering, Landing Page, you can choose which functionality you require.

Graphic information
The text information
Information tabs and Triggers
Videos of the product or service
Order form of goods or services
Map directions Yandex or Google
Order Form Callback
Buttons of social networks
Counters for statistics gathering
Gallery goods or services
Reviews your clients
Frequently Asked Questions
Rotator slideshow image
Online consultant
Connection methods of payment
Price list for download
Additional languages on the site

Well, as well as other features that are not described here.
Ordering Site Landing Page you and discuss all the details, the functional design etc...

Benefits Landing Page

Suitable for almost every sphere of business.
Landing Page - is aimed at a specific audience of visitors.
Sharpened under one specific target customer action.
Shows all the benefits of cooperation with your company.
Using Landing page for advertising purposes uvelichivaet allows conversion to 35-65%
Created so that would be all right material, was on the same page.
Allows you to optimize your campaign and increase brand awareness.
Perceived better thanks to the minimum and maximum text multimedia content.

The cost of creating Landing - from 150$

Every project is a customized solution that is also evaluated individually.

Contact us to find out the exact price