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How to create a modern slider for the site
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Greetings to the distinguished visitor on our website. I have already published articles about how to make a slider for a site, and today I want to publish another version of the photo slider that you can use on your site.

In today's article, we show you another example of creating a slider with a very beautiful design, as well as with thumbnails of the main photos of the slider.

In our time it is difficult to imagine a site on which sliders were not used, at development of sites I also very often use sliders of different types depending on the site and its design, because it is very beautiful plus it is a good opportunity to present all the main activities of your company in the form of images, as sliders can be used as a mini gallery on the site.

Today we will consider a slider version in which there will be nice transition effects, the ability to apply some sort of css styles to the slider, several useful options that can be applied to the slide, and in general it is a stylish and modern image slider for your site.

And so, let's take a look at the basic settings for creating a slider, also you can download the finished slider below under the article, there you can also look at the work of this slideshow in real time online.

And so we'll start, and first of all we'll look at the HTML code of the slider that will look like this:

As you can see in the HTML of the slider there is nothing complicated or ordinary, all items and images are wrapped in an element ol li. To change the picture or any other information in the image slider, you will not be difficult and this you will do within a couple of minutes.



The next item will be css styles that are also not complicated:

These styles you need to put in the main style file of your site, well, or connect them with a separate file for example:

These were the styles of the main page layout and now an example of the styles of the slider itself:

These styles you also need to place in the main style file of your site or connect it with a separate file for example:

All of the slider styles we figured out, now we need to add the JS code so that our image slider works correctly and scrolls through the images:



First of all, be sure to check if you have jquery on your site, usually on most sites it is already connected if not, then you need to connect it for example like this:

After you add the JS code to the site:

This code you can add specifically to the page where the slider will be displayed, or to connect it with a separate file. Well, the last point you need is for the image slider to function to connect to the site one more file with the JS code to download it here.

That's all, we created a beautiful, modern and unique image slider, use it for health.

An example of how the image slider will look like:

Or see a live example, you can on our site:


You can also download ready-made sources below.

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