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Good day dear readers, today I would like to talk about such a wonderful and beautiful hold of your customers as a pop-up modal window with a subscription, or social buttons or just with the right information.
At one time I was very much hardship with these windows when set himself a task to find a good script on the css for this purpose, but everywhere on the sites or what is not dopisi or write so much useless information that already head Oberth, and most did not have the fact that I needed to, and now I want to share with you a wonderful and very simple method of creating modal windows with a delay time of occurrence, which you can use on any website.

Consider two options for creating
First option: This pop-up window on the jquery css that appears only once in the recording of cookies

But it looks as on the photo below

This window was I put myself on one of the sites and use it to increase the subscription base. This window appears only once when the page opens and is displayed in the upper right corner of the site and will be fixed on top of the page, it means that it will not be movable while scrolling pages of the site, and most importantly not very user scares, cookies are just the close button that is if the user clicks on the cross this window the user will no longer appear. And so I'm not much paint you are coming just download a ready script and test! Download the script .
I think with the code, you will understand the complex it is not at all.


The second option: This popup modal window css jquery with a time delay.

This option I used in most sites and is good in that you can set the time after which will appear this window, as well as at the opening of the window is obscured by the background site.

And this window looks like this:

It is his to paint it will not, I can only say what this window looks very well and is very comfortable, so check test, and comment.

And you can download it via the link here Download the script .
Well, that's basically all, so I wish you a successful increase conversion.

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