Output the attributes into categories opencart page
Output Attributes page in opencart category
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Good day dear reader, recently before I faced the task to bring the list of products by manufacturer attributes, and after a few searches on google solution came by itself, this method can be easily applied not only to the page of the manufacturer of the goods but also to the category page, search, share and .t.d ... In fact there is no difference.
I will not drag out and explain why this is necessary, everyone who needs to understand what ... So get down to the task itself and its solution.

Open the file /catalog/controller/product/manufacturer.php and find the line in it:

and immediately thereafter insert the following line:

Next, open /catalog/view/theme/default/template/product/manufacturer_info.tpl and at the right place for us, instead of such a description or any other place we insert a piece of code

If you want to display only specific attributes, you can display them using the ID attribute, for this there are two ways the first cover is not the desired attributes, and the second method is to display only the attributes that we need.
So the first way it is, we derive only those attributes that are listed in the following code in the code, we will list only the ID attributes that we want to hide.

But in the second method, we derive only the needed attributes:

How it all will look at the example you can see below:

If you do not know how to find out the ID of the attribute, it is easy, go to the admin panel find the desired attribute and press the change, after watching this link into your browser and link look attribute_id = 0000, where 0000 it is necessary to us attribute ID.

That's the simple way we derived the list of attributes to the desired page, good luck to you.

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